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“The struggle is finally over”
My Testimony by Tynika Spillman

I have struggled with my weight all my life. And to be honest, I was tired. It’s not a good feeling when you are the heaviest girl in your class. Or when you can not shop in the junior department like your friends. As a result of my inner turmoil, my family spent thousands of dollars on one diet fad after another. Many of them took the weight off due to my limited food intake. However, I was often cranky and miserable. And within no time, I gained all the weight back and them some. 

As an adult, I was tired and longed for a more permanent solution. So I opted for gastric bypass surgery. Yes, the surgery was a success. But I was left with and excessive amount of extra skin that could not be lost thru conventional weight loss. And it was then that I opted for several expensive and life threatening cosmetic procedures. My quest for vanity almost killed me. Sad to say, I still gained some of the weight back.

One day my best friend told me about Shapefast Weight loss Ctr. and its use of the HCG diet. Reluctantly, I tried it. Joining Shapefast was the best thing that ever happened to me. For the 1st time in my life a product worked the way it said it would. I lost 1lb per day in phase one. And in maintenance maintained that weight loss despite eating as I pleased!!!! I encourage anyone who is tired of yo-yo dieting to let Shapefast Weight loss Ctr. be your next and LAST effort to regain your youth, vitality, health and beauty back. IT WILL BE THE LAST DIET YOU WILL EVER BE ON.



"The HCG diet has produced miraculous results! I lost 40 lbs. in a mere 2 months. There is no other program on the market like it. It is easy, affordable and life changing. Thanks to Shapefast Weightloss Center for not only helping me to lose the weight, but keep it off for an entire year! With their caring, helpful and convenient services, I wouldn't recommend anyone but them!" 


This HCG plan works!!!

April 9, 09, I weighed 247 lbs and now Sept. 1, 09, I weigh 201 lbs. In 5 months I've lost close to 50 lbs. What has been exciting to me is the clothes sizes have reduced tremendously and my health has gotten much better. My blood pressure which was borderline hypertensive is now well below normal and my energy level is higher. I don't feel sleepy. I used to snore and after losing my weight my wife says I don't snore anymore. I feel younger and my family and friends can't believe how trim I've gotten.


I lost 15 pounds in 4 weeks and I was not hungry. It corrected my eating habits and I feel great.


Shapefast has changed my life! I have tried so many weight loss programs but known can compare to HCG. I lost weight rapidly and has kept it off. Clothes that I could not fit, I can now fit and the compliments that I receive are phenomenal. Shapefast has changed my life forever. I recommend this program to all that has struggled with diet plans to lose weight. Shapefast has the answer! No more searching you will find it at Shapefast!

Vondell Brown